Facebook Redesigns Events Page in response to Google+ Events

During last month’s Google I/O, Google+ Events feature was launched. It is a well designed, stylish feature which is integrated with Google Calendar. It also allows people to stream live photos.

Facebook has an events feature and it was now looked very old fashioned and irrelevant..

Today Facebook has responded with a redesigned Events page.

The new design brings the monthly calendar into the forefront. This is very helpful as it makes it easy to look up past events which you might have missed.

Facebook Events Redesign

Facebook Events vs Google+ Events

The new design for Facebook Events cannot be compared to Google+ Events as Facebook unlike Google does not have a stand alone Calendar service nor a Email service.

Also there is no live photo stream which is very useful for large events.

Maybe Facebook will add more functionality to the Events page later but at the moment the changes simply seem cosmetic.

What do you think about Facebook’s Events page redesign? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Facebook Events

One Comment

Thilak July 12, 2012

Yeah, I noticed! IMHO, Live Stream is a feature which one cannot ignore.

So the rat race has begun!