[Stats] 1 Million Spam Pages Created Every Hour on Internet!

A couple of months ago we reviewed Blekko which is new yet rising search service. Blekko was launched on 8th November 2010, and quickly there were comparisons with Google.

This at a time when Google is seeing a dip in its search traffic thanks to some inroads being made by Bing and Twitter search. Another worry that Google has faced are search results linking to spam content. This is done thanks to content farms.

Blekko Search engine has come up with Spamclock which basically counts the amount of spam content created in real-time.

Some Statistics on Spam

As we all know spam on the internet is increasing day by day, so there is a chance that there will be more than a million pages of spam created per hour in the future. Even if the number remained steady here are some staggering numbers.

  • There will be about 16,600 spam pages created per minute. That is an incredible 277 pages per second.
  • The total number of spam pages in 2011 at this given rate will be a massive 8.7 Billion.
  • I remember reading somewhere 10 years ago that there were about a billion pages in all on the internet. That means we will have almost 8 times more spam in one year, compared to what constituted the entire internet!

A lot of pundits are suggesting that Facebook and its social search will be the game changer when it comes to search. I think for any search service the first challenge would be dealing with spam.

What are you views on spam pages? Have you come across any on search results? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Spamclock


yukis February 1, 2011

very good info thanks for sharing

Aditya Kane February 2, 2011

You are welcome- keep visiting Devils’ Workshop for more such posts.