Webklipper – Create a presentation with PDF, images and webpages

Being a blogger means I often end up sharing online material with friends and colleagues. Images and webpage screenshots are the order of the day. Often I share with others with some remarks or questions. Webklipper is a website which allows creating online clips of webpages, images and even with PDF files. 🙂

I think this is a great tool to quickly put togeather a presentation along with your comments and share with others. People looking up the clip can also comment on it and leave their opinion. This is ideal if you are designing a new website or working on a document.

As you can see in the image above, we have the option of adding and looking up comments along with downloading original files. You can share the clip through a permalink, email, Twitter and Facebook.

So if you are a little bored sending emails to and fro about a presentation, try out Webklipper. Do drop in your comments.

Update: Webklipper has recently also added extra features to the side bar which allow sharing content more easily thanks to more icons. It also has added features to show summary and expanded comments. 🙂

Link: Webklipper


Avlesh Singh February 1, 2011

Thanks Aditya for the mention. This is to inform you and readers that we are a bit away from our full fledged product. The one that you see online today is destined to get better in days to come. Infact, we are doing a release tomorrow, which will add a lot of features into the power packed widget that you see on the right hand side of your klips.


Aditya Kane February 1, 2011

Thanks Avlesh, Will check out the new features and update this post.

Avlesh Singh February 3, 2011

A newer version is now live – http://bit.ly/hrMxF8

Your feedback will help.


Aditya Kane February 6, 2011

Thanks for dropping by. Will check and update the post about new features.

Avlesh Singh April 20, 2011

Aditya, there’s a brand new product we recently did a private beta for. It is a feedback + survey tool for publishers called WebEngage (http://webklipper.com/webengage). Have a look at the widget in action on pluggd.in (feedback button on the right).

Would you mind trying out the tool once? Your feedback would be of immense help.