Block advertisements on your Facebook wall

If you are tired of irritating advertisements on your Facebook profile try downloading Adblock Plus to your Firefox. It is an Add on that blocks all kind of adds. Thanks to Scott who told me about this, in reply to my last post. 🙂

How to install it?

  • Go to Adblock Plus Installation page.
  • Click Add for Firefox.
  • Click allow.
  • Once the download is complete you can restart the browser.
  • It asks you to Select the language.
  • Click on subscribe.

Once installed you will see an image red colored on the top right hand side of your browser.



Please have a look at the video I have added below that will solve any other questions you may have in mind.

What else it does ?

Not only this will block adds on your Facebook profile, it blocks adds all over the internet. You can disable Addblock Plus on some specific website. You can choose to block adds on a specific website. In short there are alot of things you can block or unblock. 🙂

I like this add on as it lets me block the only irritating feature of internet. 🙂 There are other such add ons also but I like this one. Feel free to share your views on this through the comments.

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