Get Status Bar Calculator on Your Browser [Firefox Add-on]

browser_calculatorUntil I found this Addon I had used Google to make simple calculations or an electronic calculator. I wanted something that integrates with my browser. 🙂

I am a designer and need to carry out small calculations and this add-on makes my life a lot easier. Yes there is a calculator on every OS but not leaving the browser is a lot more efficient.

Status Bar Calculator for Firefox

I would rate 10 out 10 to this Mozilla Addon Status-Bar Calculator which is very handy and convenient for quick calculations.

It sits in the corner of  the status bar and you don’t even notice until you need it. It also does not clutter my browser like some other add-on end up doing. 🙂

status bar calculator-zoom

For Google Chrome users:

In case you are using Chrome as your primary browser, install Chromey Calculator extension which you can use for calculations.

Link: Status-bar-Calculator

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