Blogger Dashboard Begins to Show Adsense Ads

Blogger, the free blogging service from Google, has begun to show adsense based ads, in place of Blogger internal ads (look at the screenshot for details) at the ‘Your blog post published successfully!’ page.  The adsense ads aren’t implemented on a permanent basis for now, hence you may not see the ads still.

Blogger Showing ads

So How Is It Going To Affect You?

Well you won’t be affected in any way, as the ads appear at only the last step of blogging (for now, at least!) and is only a small 350×200 ad at the side.


So What’s The Big Deal?

Well this could not mean anything for a normal blogger, but for Google, it means millions. They now have one more ad-estate to advertise to a million people, everyday. Their CPM will go up tremendously, and so will their revenue.

How Does It Work?

Well, you may ask how could the adsense code target anything on the Post Published page, which has the same content ? (Read: Your blog post published successfully!) Well the adsense scans the text of the post your publishing and ads related to that topic appear. I was publishing a post related to Windows7 (or se7en), and the ads appeared about Microsoft Windows. Pretty neat! However, since the service is new more than half the times the ads are not targeted!

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  1. @cara
    agreed that they do not bring you any revenue, but they aren’t annoying by any stretch. Also give a thought that Google had been providing free hosting for a million subscribers since the last 5+ years. They need to recover some of that cost. They’ve got the right, or more so the authority, to do this!

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