Blogger to WordPress redirection plugin [New version]

We have launched an upgraded version of  the Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin for all those who want to migrate blog from to self hosted WordPress blog efficiently and with least time.

Why to use Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin?

  1. If you have used WordPress built-in importer to import posts from, you will definitely benefit from this plugin.
  2. This plugin handles the most important aspect during to WordPress migration, that is redirecting posts from blog to new WordPress blog post.

Changes in the New Version

  1. Generates code for your Blogger template.
  2. Plugin handles everything automatically at the WordPress end.
  3. Supports rel=canonical, meta-refresh tags on which will speed-up redirection
  4. Configuration wizard to setup redirection code.
  5. Multiple blog supports after importing posts from by WordPress default importer.
  6. Easy way to configure redirection test.

Check out complete user guide of Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin.

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Deon April 26, 2011

Walking in the pesrecne of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

Hennywiz April 13, 2012

thank you for creating the plugin as I use it for my site. one question I have is old the old links from blogger redirects to my homepage instead of the exact links. Did I do something wrong during the installation?
Best regards