WP DBManager Plugin for WordPress Database Backup

WP-DBManager Database is the real wealth for any blogger and hence WP-DBManager is a very important plugin for all the WordPress bloggers. It takes backup of all the database content like posts, categories, tags, comments, users, pages and other content of WordPress blog. This plugin allows not just to take back-up but also to optimize, […]

[How-To] Share your Facebook Photos on WordPress Blog

Facebook has become the place of interest for internet users to hang around, play games, network, share photos and more. It’s quite a common trend that everyone uploads their pictures on Facebook. If you are willing to show those photos on your WordPress powered blog, this is the right tutorial for you. 🙂 Get the […]

WP Maintenance Mode-Plugin to Create an ‘Under Maintenance’ Page for your Website

Many a times when the design and development of your  website is in progress, or your website is undergoing server maintenance, you want people to know that your website is not ‘up and running’ yet. This can be done by creating an ‘Under Maintenance’ page for your website. This WordPress plugin allows you to create […]

[How to] Force Filtered HTML for Editors on WordPress

In WordPress, unfiltered HTML can be edited and published by Admins and Editors. Unfiltered HTML is not allowed for Authors and Contributors is basically for security. This is because Java Script might create problems if injected inside post content. This might worry some WordPress Admins who might not want users with Editor rights to insert […]

Comment Moderation E-mail to Post Author-WordPress Plugin

When an author gets a comment to his post, he gets a notification for it. However, when that comment is held for moderation, the administrator receives an email notification for the same. As per the moderator’s email address saved under the Settings>General tab.On the other hand…

Blogger to WordPress redirection plugin [New version]

We have launched an upgraded version of  the Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin for all those who want to migrate blog from Blogger.com to self hosted WordPress blog efficiently and with least time. Why to use Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin? If you have used WordPress built-in importer to import posts from Blogger.com, you will […]