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As some of you might already know that the parent company of our blog Devils’ Workshop is rtCamp. The birth of the idea behind rtCamp can be traced back more or less to the time when DW migrated from being a to self-hosted WordPress blog. One of the first services we started offering was helping people migrate their blogs from Blogger to WordPress.

Back in 2010, we created a dedicated portal for helping out bloggers in a streamlined manner. But as our company grew bigger, we ended up creating more portals dedicated for several new services and products. It became difficult to maintain so many portals and thus we launched a new project to merge all the different portals into a single website.

Today, we have merged into our corporate website

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Enjoy WordPress!


[Black Friday Deal] 50% Off Hosting Plans from HostGator

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It is that time of the year, when discounts are flying around. We have a Blogger to WordPress Migration service which has announced a Black Friday Deal for people looking to buy hosting on HostGator.

In this deal, you can get any Hosting plans from our affiliate (Hostgator) for 50% off today. The special offer only until 11.59 PM CST Friday, November 25th, 2011.

How to go about it


Purchase HostGator web hosting by following our affiliate link.  You will get 50% discount on your HostGator bill apart from 10% discount on our Blogger to Migration service charges.

If you have a Blog running on Blogspot ( and want to migrate to WordPress, you can also avail of 10% discount on blog migrations services by contacting us here.

Note: You will have to apply separately for both discounts. Read more about it here.

Link: HostGator Hosting | Blogger to WordPress Migration


Blogger to WordPress redirection plugin [New version]

We have launched an upgraded version of  the Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin for all those who want to migrate blog from to self hosted WordPress blog efficiently and with least time.

Why to use Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin?

  1. If you have used WordPress built-in importer to import posts from, you will definitely benefit from this plugin.
  2. This plugin handles the most important aspect during to WordPress migration, that is redirecting posts from blog to new WordPress blog post.

Changes in the New Version

  1. Generates code for your Blogger template.
  2. Plugin handles everything automatically at the WordPress end.
  3. Supports rel=canonical, meta-refresh tags on which will speed-up redirection
  4. Configuration wizard to setup redirection code.
  5. Multiple blog supports after importing posts from by WordPress default importer.
  6. Easy way to configure redirection test.

Check out complete user guide of Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin.

Download Link


[Updated] Blogger to WordPress 1-to-1 Redirection Plugin

Around 2 year back, I developed my first WordPress plugin, named Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin (see old post). It was developed to take care of 1-to-1 redirection between old posts and new WordPress blog. Over the time, we launched a professional service for Blogger to WordPress Migration and many users thought that they will never see any update for our free and open-source plugin again. Proving them wrong, we gladly announce release of a new version of our old-plugin with exciting new features.

New Features

  • Zero changes requires on WordPress-side. Plugin handles everything automatically on WordPress.
  • New configuration wizard help you setup redirection without much efforts.
  • Supports importing from multiple blogs.
  • Add supports for “rel=canonical” & “meta-refresh” tags on which will speed-up redirection. This will help search engine update their index faster.


The plugin comes bundled with experience of Nitun, our BloggerToWP service head, who has handled more than 100 migrations this year. If you really like user-interface of this plugin, the credit goes to Rakshit, new developer at rtCamper with good aesthetic taste! Link: Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin


50% Off From HostGator + FREE Blogger to WordPress Migration [Cyber Monday Deal]

This is a quick post for those who have missed our Black Friday deal. The older deal has our Blogger To WordPress migration service for FREE and 80% discount from HostGator.

In this new deal, you will get 50% discount from HostGator plus migration service for FREE  provided you signup for HostGator using our affiliate link –

With 50% discount rates, one year hosting will cost around $40 only.

Remember, to get 50% discount, you need to buy hosting from HostGator on Monday (November 29, 2010 – in CST timezone). You can use FREE migration offer anytime after your purchase.

To qualify for FREE migration service, you need to purchase webhosting from HostGator by following our affiliate link only.

Read how to signup for HostGator to get FREE migration service


Get Best Blogger To WordPress Migration Service for FREE

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This a quick post to inform all devils about a new promo we are running on our Blogger To WordPress migration service.

We are giving away our proven Blogger to WordPress migration service absolutely FREE till September 25, 2010.

As everyone moving to self-hosted wordpress platform needs webhosting, this promo is something most bloggers can benefit from.

Details about this promo offer are here.


Yep. You can still earn $25 or $50 for our customers opting for free migration and theme!

You can think this as win-win-win-win deal.

Any guesses on who are fantastic-4, oops winners, here?? 😉

Links: Free Blogger To WordPress Migration Service | Affiliate Program


Blogger to WordPress User-Guide Series [Announcement]

Early this month we announced an affiliate program with our Blogger to WordPress Migration service. This service has migrated many blogs onto the WordPress platform.

We got a lot of queries from clients (who had migrated newly to WordPress) about features which are integral to WordPress platform. We had initially planned a simple FAQ with some common issues which are faced by bloggers new to WordPress.

The idea further developed into creating a Blogger to WordPress user-guide on our Blogger to WP website.

Nitun Lanjewar, who heads technical support for Blogger To WordPress Migration service along with me (Aditya Kane) have authored the series. There are about 15 posts in all, we will publish one post every day on Blogger To WP blog.

To get all updates in the series subscribe to the blog.

Are you making money with our Blogger to WordPress affiliate program?


Blogger To WordPress Migration Professional Service Launched

Update: Get updated information about Blogger to WordPress Migration Domain here.

More than 2 years ago, I released my first WordPress plugin for Blogger To WordPress Permalink Redirection. A year later, I wrote a fullproof guide to migrate blogs to WordPress without loosing permalinks, SEO juice and traffic.

Apart from free plugin and guide, we were offering professional migration service from long time to help bloggers who either did not have technical skills or time or both to do their migration themselves.

After helping many bloggers with our professional service, we decided to launch a new portal – This portal gives detailed information regarding features of our service and available packages, answers FAQ, lists blogs we have migrated among other details.

In this professional service, we will be doing additional things that we did not cover before like migrating images from server to your wordpress server using our own tool.

This is our first portal, so please let us know if u have any suggestion to improve.

Link: Blogger To WordPress Migration Professional Service