Announcement: has moved to

As some of you might already know that the parent company of our blog Devils’ Workshop is rtCamp. The birth of the idea behind rtCamp can be traced back more or less to the time when DW migrated from being a to self-hosted WordPress blog. One of the first services we started offering was helping […]

[Black Friday Deal] 50% Off Hosting Plans from HostGator

(Cross-posted from BloggertoWp blog) It is that time of the year, when discounts are flying around. We have a Blogger to WordPress Migration service which has announced a Black Friday Deal for people looking to buy hosting on HostGator. In this deal, you can get any Hosting plans from our affiliate (Hostgator) for 50% off […]

Blogger to WordPress redirection plugin [New version]

We have launched an upgraded version of  the Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin for all those who want to migrate blog from to self hosted WordPress blog efficiently and with least time. Why to use Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin? If you have used WordPress built-in importer to import posts from, you will […]

[Updated] Blogger to WordPress 1-to-1 Redirection Plugin

Around 2 year back, I developed my first WordPress plugin, named Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin (see old post). It was developed to take care of 1-to-1 redirection between old posts and new WordPress blog. Over the time, we launched a professional service for Blogger to WordPress Migration and many users thought that they will never see any […]

50% Off From HostGator + FREE Blogger to WordPress Migration [Cyber Monday Deal]

This is a quick post for those who have missed our Black Friday deal. The older deal has our Blogger To WordPress migration service for FREE and 80% discount from HostGator. In this new deal, you will get 50% discount from HostGator plus migration service for FREE  provided you signup for HostGator using our affiliate link – […]

Blogger to WordPress User-Guide Series [Announcement]

Early this month we announced an affiliate program with our Blogger to WordPress Migration service. This service has migrated many blogs onto the WordPress platform. We got a lot of queries from clients (who had migrated newly to WordPress) about features which are integral to WordPress platform. We had initially planned a simple FAQ with […]