Blogathon March 2013: Two Day Blogging Workshop in Mumbai

Are you a blogger who has recently started out? Are you looking to get introduced to basics of WordPress, including buying your own domain and hosting your own blog? Then you might like to check out Blogathon 2013. It will take place in Mumbai on 2-3 March, 2013.

Blogging Workshop Mumbai - Blogathon

What is Blogathon all about?

Blogathon describes itself as a workshop for structured WordPress blogging and starting-up. I spoke with the organizer Niranjan, who explained to me about the concept behind Blogathon and what it is offering.

  • The two-day workshop will have speaker sessions on the first day. It will cover basics like how to go about blogging, starting a blog, introduction to self-hosted WordPress basics and CSS and design basics.
  • It will also showcase speakers who will explain concepts like SEO, content curation, publishing insights and more.
  • On the second day will entail practical sessions where attendees will be building their websites.

India needs more Blogging + WordPress workshops

I strongly feel India needs more such workshops that are not just for developers or experts. Usually at conferences or talks I have attended, I found that newbies are often ignored and they are more or less lost.

It is good to see an initiative like Blogathon which is going to have practical sessions for bloggers who are new and need a bit of hand-holding.

Link: Register for Blogathon

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varma February 10, 2013

That’s interesting, hope this type of events happens on more parts of India, other than staying only on metros..

I suggest you also to speak out at a session 🙂

Aditya Kane February 10, 2013

I am still not sure on what really I could talk about so I don’t. But maybe one of these days Ill end up volunteering as a speaker.