Boost your Productivity with Split Screen on Google Chrome

Split Screen is an extension for google chrome that lets you browse two websites within a single tab of your browser. The extension splits your browser into two windows, where you can separately enter url’s and surf effectively. This extension can be really helpful on wide screen monitors, which will give you endless real world uses.

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Here is how the browser looks!

Some of you might think that you have a better option to switch tabs on your browser, but the extension can be really helpful in some cases when you want to compare two websites or results. Listed below are some of its uses:

  • Compare search results to two search engines side-by-side.
  • Surf one website till the other one is loading like a buffering video, rather than waiting or switching tabs to see whether the website has opened or not.
  • Comparing products on two websites.
  • And many more!

This extension will reduce the time you waste on one website till it is loading, and in turn will boost your productivity. But HTTPS sites don’t work with it. The extension provides you an additional functionality to split your browser tab vertically or horizontally.

Link: Split Screen

Have you tried working on split screen? Let us know.


Gautam June 5, 2010

This is somewhat similar to the Split Tabs extension for Firefox, right?

Sahil Malhan June 5, 2010

Exactly! You know it 🙂

Lee December 18, 2010

Can you update the link to download this addon please?