iTunes to get a competitor in the form of Google Music

Apple rules the music industry with iPod the device and iTunes the virtual music store. Apple has basically expanded its domain with iPhones and iPad. Google has never been crossing paths with Apple as it is now. Its main competitors were Yahoo and Microsoft when it came to search and email services.

Then came the Android and the Nexus phone which was basically a step into Apple’s territory. Now Google has decided to launch a new service according to TechCrunch.

We had written long about how Google was moving into music with its music search tools. Ofcourse even Yahoo then got into music search but I doubt they will create an online store to compete with iTunes or Google Music.

This is quite a risk for Google to take on Apple so directly but then iTunes is after a online business and Google is the online giant which probably wants to spread out in one of the last frontiers left on the internet to conquer.

What do you think about Google move to get into the music business? Do you think it will be a hit or will it sink? Do drop in your comments with your views.