Track the Time You Spend on Each Website with Chrome [Time Tracker]

I spend a lot of time online, thanks to being a full-time blogger. This means I spend hours reading feeds, writing posts and replying and reading email. I have always wondered how much time I spend on a particular website. Sometime keeping track makes you aware of how and where you are spending your time […]

Access your Favourite Applications, Files and Folders in One Place with ConFavor

Even though our computers have a lot of applications, files and folders, there are only a handful that we use everyday. I use Chrome, Skype, Live Writer everyday but hardly use Internet Explorer. Same goes for some notepad files which I use often. ConFavor allows accessing our favourite files, folders and even applications from a […]

KeepMeOut – Simple tool to manage online addiction

We are often addicted to certain sites. For me I guess it is Facebook and YouTube. I have links to them on my bookmark and sometimes end up on those websites far more than I should be. 😛 If you are someone like me, who works on the internet and will have access to all […]

Boost your Productivity with Split Screen on Google Chrome

Split Screen is an extension for google chrome that lets you browse two websites within a single tab of your browser. The extension splits your browser into two windows, where you can separately enter url’s and surf effectively. This extension can be really helpful on wide screen monitors, which will give you endless real world […]

Easily Launch Applications on your Computer with ‘Launchy’ [Windows & Linux]

You must have noticed, since last couple of days, I have been writing about productivity apps that helps to easily manage things on your PC. So, here is another utility – Launchy that can help you easily launch applications installed in your pc with maximum of 2-3 key strokes. If you are an avid computer […]

Flashnote: Simplest Note Taking App [Windows only]

Since more than a year now, I am using Flashnote, the simplest, lightest and easy to use note taking app I have ever come across and importantly this wonderful app for windows is absolutely free. After installing flashnote, you can open the app by pressing “Alt+S” (default shortcut key) write anything there and press escape […]

8 Productivity Tips for Professional Blogging

Adopting blogging as a profession or say professional blogging is still a very fresh concept in most part of the world. After years of my blogging experience, I have gradually realized the value of blogging which can give you both knowledge and enough money to make a living out of it. Literally there is no core difference in blogging or pro-blogging so one needs to get out of the hangover for the word “Professional” associated with problogging.