Bring IE into your Chrome browser

A couple of months ago you might have read about how Google decided to make Internet Explorer better by injecting Chrome into it.  All you had to do was install Chrome frame and Internet Explorer would be faster especially while viewing HTML5.

Now here is a new twist to it.Google through an extension allows us to inject a little bit of Internet Explorer into Chrome. 😉


IE Tab

  • Add the IE Tab extension on your Chrome browser and start using Internet Explorer within Chrome.
  • Once installed you can click on the small IE symbol next to end of the address bar. (see image)
  • I liked using IE Tab within Chrome as I could bookmark my favorite sites in Chrome but they were added to Internet Explorer’s favorite list.
  • Also the right click menu within Chrome changes to IE’s menu withing the tab.
  • I could also access Internet Options from the tab which can be accessed usually only through the IE browser or the Control Panel.

I do not think that this one will be as controversial as Chrome Frame. But for people using Chrome and Internet Explorer this one should be quite handy. What do you think?

Download: IE Tab Extension


Gautam January 9, 2010

IE Tab is actually for developers to test how the website would look in internet explorer as it is NON-designer friendly (especially IE 6!!!), so please don’t make such posts that would increase the usage of IE. 😛

furhead January 10, 2010

Frankly speaking m really pi**ed off by this IE ,as it surely hinders productivity of web developers and is really a mess.
Other than that I m pure pc guy……….

Akshay Kakkar January 10, 2010

Instead you should write a post regarding adding firefox instead of IE !

Knowledge Hub January 10, 2010

Guys this is actually good to have.. there are sites that open only in IE..for instance if you want to download some service pack or security update for MS Office, you need to go to Microsoft site. But if you are using chrome then you will not be able to download the service pack because it can only be downloaded using IE. So this will come handy in such cases..

Aditya Kane January 10, 2010

@Knowledge Hub: I know and over time we can find more reasons to use IE tab with Chrome. I think what Chrome would prefer is a IE tab for viewing certain website rather than have their users use IE itself. I think Chrome rocks simply cos it seems to have its own identity functionality wise rather than end up resembling Firefox or IE.