Man escapes from prison and updates his Facebook page


This one is sort of interesting and also a little funny. There is a man who has escaped from prison and has started updating his Facebook profile. His name is Craig Lynch and over a month now he has been taunting the police putting up details on his Facebook account about various activities he carries out all day.

At the time of writing this post his Facebook page has over 1800 fans and many people actually supporting him for the fact that he is dodging the police. He escaped from a prison in England and has been updating his profile with information like where he ate last time. He was serving time for burglary. The police is contacting Facebook for clues on catching the man, but they are probably taking his updates on whereabouts with a pinch of salt considering he could easily be misleading them.

What do you think about such phenomenons which seem to become more and more prevalent as social networks grow to really considerable size. I mean should people be also joining in and supporting this person considering this is not a film character who you might root for but  is actually a convicted burglar. Let me know what you think about it through your comments.

Link: CNN News


Chethan January 10, 2010

Oh My God! I am Laughing Here!

Erica Mueller January 30, 2010

I’d say he’s probably sending them on a while goosechase. 🙂 While I don’t approve of escaping from jail, or people supporting him, I have to admit, he’s a clever dude and this made me laugh!

Aditya Kane January 31, 2010

@Erica: This was a little funny and was a little weird. Hence wrote a post on it. I agree it is a little distressing so many people cheering him on….

Sachin February 14, 2010

Prison Break!! LOL 😀