Browse online pics and videos in a 3D layout [Video]

Browsing through images can be a little boring and monotonous but there is an extension which works really well; using a 3D like interface for looking up images or even videos.

CoolIris is a extension which works on Chrome and you can just about browse any image online with its very interesting graphical browser. Before downloading the extension I need to warn you that the CoolIris extension does use your graphics card for rendering.


About Cool Iris

  • Download the Cool Iris extension from here and install it in Chrome.
  • While using Chrome you come across any image it will show you a new symbol.
  • Clicking on this icon starts the Cooliris extension and allows you to browse images as if you are viewing them against a wall in an exhibition.
  • I clicked on a friends image on Facebook and I could browse all the pictures he was tagged in through the extension without needing to go through the album.

I started playing around with this extension and really think it is a brilliant way to browse images or videos online. It is said an image is worth a thousand words and going by that logic a video should be worth a million. So I decided to put up the CoolIris demo video.

Go ahead and download Cooliris extension and try it out for yourself. Do drop in your comments about your opinions on it.


Himanshu February 6, 2010

Cooliris is one of my favorite extension of Firefox. I am glad to see this extension for Google Chrome too. Thanks for introducing this extension.

Aditya Kane February 8, 2010

Thanks Himanshu; it is turning out to be one of my favorites too… 🙂