BSNL gifts Double Speed to it’s Broadband Users (Unlimited Plans only)

First time, since 2007  I am feeling really cheerful about being a BSNL broadband user! Why?

I went to office in the morning on 30th March 2010. And as a part of the same routine, I have practiced to reset BSNL modem on a regular basis to get uninterrupted Internet connection. But on 3oth it was something different! I started pinging BSNL DNS (which is also I do regularly to see terrible ping durations).

I realized that ping duration was consistent at 7ms! When I started downloading attachments from my email, I was stunned and shocked with joy to see download speed of 110 Kb/sec which used to be at around 60 Kb/sec. I could not believe my eyes but yes it was true. I tested this for almost a day.

Then I started searching all over as if there is something wrong with BSNL! That’s what comes to my mind (and I am sure it happens with many) when it is about them and then I came across the Source of this news!

“Existing landline Broadband customers to taste higher speeds and enjoy fast moving virtually live games like cricket, it has DOUBLED THE SPEEDS for all its customers who have unlimited home usage plans with speeds in the bracket ranging from 256 Kbps to 1 Mbps without any extra charge upto 26th April 2010.”

Which simply means that BSNL is offering double the speed of your existing Unlimited Home Usage Plan.

As a loyal broadband customer of BSNL for such a long time (We had no other option) I was expecting but they did not send email to notify about it. Most of the users are still not aware of this new limited time offer and many users are not getting double speed even if they have Unlimited Home Usage Plans!

Few Pointers:

  • I am registered for UL 1350 PLUS , which is a 512 kbps unlimited usage plan.
  • I used to get download speed of about 50~60 kbps max. for http & torrent downloads.


  • I am getting 110+ KB/sec speed for torrents & http downloads
  • Youtube & other videos are streaming extra fast.
  • I did few speed tests on & it showed me line speed of 1 mbps on most of the time.

Here are few screen shots which might raise your eyebrows for sure, like it did to me. 🙂

My guess is that, since 3G services are very near to their launch, this could be a tech test happening for a month. And if everything goes well they might start giving this higher speed plans by default in the same price! I only hope that is the case. 🙂


Gautam April 1, 2010

My BSNL net (unlimited – 750 plan) has been damn slow since 2 days and you say they have increased the speed o.O

tushonline April 1, 2010

Yes Gautam. That is why I said many users are not aware of this and many are not getting the double speed even though they have UL home plans! Though I am experiencing it since last 2 days. Lucky me (?) 🙂

tushonline April 1, 2010

You should talk to BSNL support. They have also released a press note. See this

Sauravjit April 1, 2010

That’s not just for BSNL users, even MTNL and Bharti Airtel broadband users are now using net with double speed.

tushonline April 1, 2010

Hi Sauravjit, I am not sure about other ISPs as yet. But I am experiencing this very noticeable difference on my BSNL connection.

Sauravjit April 1, 2010

That for other service providers as well but with limitations like in Airtel this upgraded speed is for first 5Gb usage only.

tushonline April 2, 2010

Yo! That’s right. But those are new plans that BSNL has launched and what you’re saying applies to only those new combo plans. Not for me or for people who’re already using UL 1350 plus, UL 750 PLUS which was UL 900 PLUS.

tushonline April 1, 2010

According to a press release on BSNL’s website, this promotional scheme is upto 30th April 2010
Read this here

Gautam April 2, 2010

On that page, it is written: “Promotional scheme to offer double Bandwidth Speed from the existing bandwidth Speed for Certain Home and Rural Unlimited Plans for a limited period upto 30.04.2010”

Sourish | Wordpress Install Guide April 1, 2010

april fool again . im on evdo , switched from 750UL

pushpinder April 2, 2010

no its not correct – here is my speed –

I also have the 1350 Unlimited Plan.

tushonline April 2, 2010

Dear pushpinder,
I placed that screenshot for reference :)- it was shocking one to see. I am also getting results somewhat similar to the one you have shown. But never the less, we’re getting double speed! don’t you agree? 🙂

tushonline April 3, 2010

2 things:
1] Check your power supply efficiency that goes into the modem
2] Get your phone line tested by BSNL. could be a noise issue.

Ask me buddy . . I hv been through all this 🙂

fareed April 3, 2010

thank u great tool

Rajeel April 3, 2010

I am using the home 500 C plan. It doesn’t show any increase in speed. It’s only for unlimited users i think, they may had increased the speed of combo plans tooo … ;p

tushonline April 3, 2010

Yes. for UL plans! Combo plans are not very interesting.

Carl Smith April 3, 2010

man… bsnl should make this permament……… damn !!!!

tushonline April 3, 2010

Exactly 🙂

jibak April 10, 2010

Thanks for the information, i was also surprised when i saw it is 50-60 KB/s instead of 25 KB/s in the download window on 1st April. I was enjoying the speed for the next 3 days but after that suddenly the speed slowed down and now the download speed is only 3 KB/s , and everything is terribly slow…..but in torrent it’s 50 KB/s, I don’t know what happened, I’m really Worried.Can anyone help me?

Tushar Tajane April 12, 2010

Dear, download speed depends on your bandwidth as well as on bandwidth of a server from which you’re downloading! If you’re getting 50kb/sec on torrent, then your connection seems alright to me! how many computers are shared for this internet connection?

saketh May 28, 2010

If you use more than 8 gb/month of downloads then apparently your internet speed will reduce to the original one.this is what i heard from the bsnl customer care but since your torrents seem to be in good speed i assume its not that

Jibak April 12, 2010

Thanks, only one computer is sharing the connection, it’s my laptop only, nothing else. the speed improved a little from last night but there is still problem loading pages like gmail, orkut, showing error to load basic html template for g-mail. And lastly the youtube is too slow, taking long time to load just 0.02 sec. what do you suggest?

Tushar Tajane April 13, 2010

Could be a temporary DNS issue! Use! But, first tell me which dataone plan are you using buddy?

Jibak April 13, 2010

Thanks. My net is working perfectly from this evening in the same double speed. My connection is 750 unlimited. Feeling sorry that it will be back to half from 1st May.

Tushar Tajane April 15, 2010

That’s great to know! And yes – it’s going to be sad and back in slow motion again after 30th April. I wish this remains as it is right now! 😉

Niladri April 15, 2010

Well, what does it mean by Home combo ULF 900 & 1000 & 1100, it says 512 kbps upto 8gb, 1 mbps upto 9gb, 2 mbps upto 10gb. I don’t understand that, so plz clarify that,also the download is unlimited for these plans, so what is the speed am I suppose to get ? better than 750 UL or not ?

Tushar Tajane April 17, 2010

These plans don’t look good for a heavy internet user! What it means that, if you go for Home Combo ULF 900 – which is a unlimited downloads plan. But for first 8GB of your metered usage you get a speed of 512kbps. And once you cross this usage of 8GB, the speed will be reduced to 256kbps for rest of the month!

hope this helps 🙂

Madhan April 16, 2010

This is down to competition from Airtel. They have offered to double up every connection 3 months back and so many BSNL customers quit!
Good for the Public!

Tushar Tajane April 17, 2010

Is it!! wow. But Madhan, frankly speaking, I never felt like going for Airtel connection. How is it? Do you use Airtel broadband? Let me know . . .

Suhail April 27, 2010

I am a new user of bsnl ul750 plans, its almost 27 days now, first 20 or 21 days I get b/w 170KB/s 130KB/s in Internet download manager and my BitTorrennt sometimes it goes to 228 KB/s, but after 21 days it going to 75- 50 KB/s at averge 60 KB/s, then now last 2 days I feel very bad because now it showing only 35-25 KB/s, can I get any solution for this problem ???????????…………….
(last day one of my friend said me ,who is using this plan approximately 3 months, he saild He feel same problem all end of the months(billing time) then it will faster…)

Tushar Tajane April 28, 2010

check my comment below.

Tushar Tajane April 28, 2010

Suhail, let me tell you few things about how the speed works.

1] The internet speed that is specified in your plan is kpbs
2] The data downloading – which we popularly know is kb/s
3] Approximate ratio of your plan and the speed you get is 8:1
4] which means if your plan is 8kbps then you get download speed of 1kb/s
5] There is always a limit set by every ISP according to your plan. so if your plan is 256 kbps you would get download speed upto 32 kb/s max.
6] last 1 month as mentioned in the post above, you would enjoy double speed. which would be around 64 kb/s
7] Check your plan details. May be upto a certain usage you’re getting even more speed & then back to your plan default.
8] These new plans from BSNL are called as Combo plans.
9] Yes, last 2 days BSNL connection is very slow even at my end.

Hope this helps 🙂

Suhail April 28, 2010

yeah. i hope this problem will solve soon

niladri May 3, 2010

i am using 750 ul for 2 yrs, for almost 1 month i was getting double speed as because of the bsnl offer, now it went down to normal speed which is really very slow. we, the customers pay rs. 750 per month & we only get 256kbps bandwidth. this is not fair where reliance, airtel, mtnl providing good speed in low price. will bsnl double the speed again & will it be for parmanent? we are really not getting good speed compared to other internet providers.

Tushar Tajane May 3, 2010

Yes niladri. same here 🙁
its hard to adjust back to slower speed after 1 month of super speed 🙂
i am already thinking of tata or airtel broadband.
what bsnl is going to do – may be even they have no idea about it. lol

Prathamesh May 10, 2010

Hey guys
Well im using the unlimited 750 plan.. and the speed just crashed some few days ago to normal 256 kbps..
i was under the (false) impression that bsnl has made this permanent. and it really made me stop before changing my internet plan.. i mean wth cmon my friend has 256 kbps unlimited from tata indicom for just 348 rs per mnth with 100 minutes of free calling! and im paying more than double for the same speed! im gonna continue with the bsnl isp for some time more, wait around and see if they do this again permanently.. if not, its either airtel or tata indicom.. sad really, they wont be keeping many customers if they don’t do something drastic!

rajat May 4, 2010

Hey,anyone,please tell me how do we get this GREAT speed of 300 kB/s even on unlimited plans by downloading this file:-

I really want to know this.

kaushal May 21, 2011

mine is also the same downloading this file i get around 300KB/s and other files at 60KB/s…??mine is bsnl bb 750ul and i get speed of 60 KB/s

niladri May 4, 2010

can’t say, i downloaded it too, & it gives me also 300 kbps……….i dunno how it happened

Nomad June 1, 2010

Its kinda Deja Vu for me is it happening again or is it just me who is getting double the speed, promotional offer was for 1 month and i cant find anything in BSNL’s sit but its 512 kbps bandwidth for me anyhow i am more than happy 🙂

Niladri June 1, 2010

Hey, guys, I have been getting double speed again for last 18 hrs, yesterday its’ 6pm from when I started getting double speed,plz tell me what the heck is going on…………….tell me.

gaurav June 12, 2010

hmm i was also getting double speed but now bsnl has again slowed down their connection & this time its ultra slow… somtimes i am even getting 10-15 kbps 🙁

Nomad June 16, 2010

thats negative its full fledged 512kbps bandwidth for 750UL plan so its something wrong with your line

Angel June 16, 2010

Can you please differentiate what is the real deal between the Unlimited home plan and the Comobo Plan Both seems to have unlimited having same speed to choose but price wise combo is expensive

vidit August 30, 2010

dear friend….
i am using bsnl bb 750 ul plan from last three months ……
from last two months it is giving the speed of 512 kbps as u disscussed above……….
but nowadyas from last two days it is giving 21 kbps dwnload and 16 kbps upload… as checked on broad band forum….can tell me the solution ………..or why it is happening to me….sorry if m wrong but m a new user .
thanks in advance

kaushal May 21, 2011

how can you get speed of 512 KB/s in a bsnl bb 750ul…mine is also same plan but i get speed of 60 KB/s

Nomad August 31, 2010

@vidit it must be a temporary glitch, or somekinda problem with you underground telephone line, wait for 2 more days and if this still continues call your local telephone exchange office and they will check your line, Not every BSNL telephone exchange staffs are reliable, at some places they dont even know what they are doing, if you are lucky enough they will clarify this within 2 days of your complain register

vidit September 9, 2010

thanks NOMAD my problem got solve itself…..
thanks any way…

IndrA The Tiger September 9, 2010

Here is my speed in BSNL 500C

How’s it??

Sharad December 23, 2010

i also have bsnl bb 750 ul plan and i am getting transfer rate of 200kb/s which is very stunning and this speed lasts for 5 months but now it goes down to 50-60kb/s guys plz help me out and one other thing is that my downloading transfer rate starts from 212kb/s abnd then goes down to 50-60kb/s it seems that my speed is now being limited

Angel December 23, 2010

@ Sharad : I am also experiencing same from Last few days. Did they Limited the Download speed ?

Niladri December 23, 2010

I also experience the same thing, I have been getting 2mbps speed in 750UL plan for last 2 months, but 2 days ago I again started getting 512kbps speed, my god what happened, BSNL should increase their bandwidth speed 🙁

Sharad December 23, 2010

can anybody tell me the plans of BSNL with 2mbps speed

Tushar Tajane December 23, 2010

I wrote this post in April to let BSNL users know about a promotional scheme from BSNL. I wanted to share this because no one knew about it.

Later I realized that it was more like a test run period than just a promotional month. Though this was not confirmed but understandable because,

Immediately after this promo was over, BSNL upgraded their default plans with double speeds but introduced Bandwidth Cap in almost all high speed plans that are > 256kbps

If you are one of those facing drop in speed should
1] Find out which plan you have been upgraded to. Check this with your local BSNL office
2] most of the plans now are more than 2mbps for UPTO ‘X’ GB of usage and drops back to as less as 256kbps as per the plan.
3] which means that if you consume your allowed quota of very very hi-speed connection within first week of your billing cycle then you would only receive dropped speed for full remaining month.
4] your new quota should get RESET from next billing cycle and you should get 2mbps speed again or as per your plan.
5] if you want to keep receiving great Speed throughout the month then you should neatly manage your bandwidth.
6] avoid torrents as far as possible or stop seeding or apply bandwidth cap for torrents.

You should select appropriate plan that suits your requirement.

I personally think 1350 plan with 4mbps UPTO 20gb and 512kbps beyond 20gb is perfect for heavy Internet user with moderate video streaming, downloading need.

We can expect few exciting plans coming up in new year but until then we will have to adjust or choose from existing plans 🙂

I hope this helps.

Let me know.

Ramu December 25, 2010

i have used BSNL broad brand 512 KPBS used in my system but since last week my broad band was connected and downloads also very slow, before last week my connection was up to 150 to 185 KB/s data downloaded, now only 60 KB/s was downloading is find out please rectify my problem as early date.

thsnking you
D.Rama krishna.

Prathamesh December 26, 2010

bsnl unlimted 750 gives, on an average, a speed of 50 kb/s. So what u had earlier was probably an error on bsnl’s part 😛
60 kb/s is still better than 50 kb/s 😛
I get 50, 50 sucks 😛
and 50 after tweaking some stuff (had 45 earlier!)

Anuj Mudgal March 1, 2011

i hve the 750 unlimited plan nd experiencing the blasting dwnloading speed of 500kbps frm last 15-20days….is everything ok with bsnl…??

or they hve increased the speed 4-5 times for the old & loyal users of the BSNL….BSNL ROCKS

kaushal May 21, 2011

the download speed u got of 500kbps occurs oncie in a month… happened to me also

Abhishek Shindhe February 3, 2012

The download speed what i am getting from past two days is 100kbps-169kbps i am using BSNL broadband from past 4 years and my plan is BSNL 750 plus which i have subscribed from past 3 years and I am shocked and happy…BSNL rocks..

Nomad February 3, 2012

yeah they upgraded the bandwidth with a usage cap of 6GB for BB750UL plan they have updated this info on their site so check that out 🙂

Shegil February 11, 2012

my net speed also increased … but it all went down today …(

Nomad February 11, 2012

probably coz you reached your 6GB limit