You Tube unveils a new design to all users

You Tube has been redesigning their pages for a long time now and finally the new look is out. You Tube has spent over 8 months redesigning it and come up with some very interesting changes. The changes are not radically different but are quite significant. As usual there are some people who are bowled over by the new design and some who don’t take very kindly.

Subscribe made easy…

When you look up a video on You Tube now right about the video playing area you can see the account or channel name who has uploaded the video. It also neatly shows the number of videos uploaded by the particular account and a very prominent subscribe button.

Ratings replaced with Facebook style ‘Like’ button…

Now more five star ratings for your videos. It has been replaced with Like and Dislike buttons something which clearly has been borrowed from Facebook. I personally like this system as it will be used more than the 5 star ratings format. People prefer liking or disliking something rather than rating something.

Sharing of social Networks made easier…

With prominent buttons for Twitter and Facebook I guess You Tube is trying to get more friendly to social networks. Social networks are very important way for sharing videos. These are not new options and have been there for some time now but the new design makes it more apparent by having a cleaner interface.

What You Tube has acheived here is certainly a more cleaner interface for viewing videos and also narrowed down on what they want their users to really look up. I do not think this new design is brilliant or great but I do not think it is bad either. I might end up liking it as I spend more time on You Tube. What do you think about the new design? Do you like it or dislike it? πŸ˜›

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Sourish | Wordpress Install Guide April 1, 2010

these design updates look good

S.Pradeep Kumar April 2, 2010

Google’s homepage and search results are also changed I guess… πŸ˜‰

Siddhu April 2, 2010

I noticed this design for a long time.. still not used to it, its neat and makes the video area bigger though…

Aditya Kane April 3, 2010

Yes it is neat. There is no radical change but very clean interface. As you mentioned makes the video area more prominent because of the lack of distractions