Bug in Orkut Makes it Unable to Decide Gender of a Profile Owner

In the past we saw many bugs and flaws in the world of Orkut – Google’s social networking site, but the one I am going to mention in this post is really too hilarious and I don’t understand what is making Orkut treat a Male as a Female.

Actually few days ago, one of our reader – Dnyanesh informed us about this bug, which treats his profile as a female’s profile and shows all updates accordingly. You can view clearly in the screenshot below, all the updates in ‘My updates’ section in his profile is showing “D?y????? ?k? ????lc???????g??k™ received a comment on her photo

I was totally confused when I received a mail from Dnyanesh mentioning this bug. For a moment I thought Dnyanesh must have mistakenly updated the sex status in his profile settings as ‘Female’ and I personally visited his profile to check his gender mentioned there, but found that his status is ‘Male’. Later I even asked him to recheck his sex status inside Orkut profile settings and then he confirmed me that his status was already set as ‘Male’. It is then I was confirmed that there is a bug in Orkut which is treating Male profiles as Female profile. There may be even chances that Orkut must be treating them vice-versa (female profile as male profile).

I have already reported this bug to Orkut, meanwhile if you come across this hilarious bug in your status message too, then you are requested not to panic 😉 Also do let us know, if you too have come across such funny bug.

Thanks Dnyanesh for the tip. 🙂


Dnyanesh March 1, 2009

Thanks for blogging about it! Still wondering what must have caused to the code of ‘My Updates’ section.

Prabhu April 8, 2009

A lot of profiles in my friends list has turned to female profiles with obscene names and profile avatar. Some of my friends have decided to delete their profile because of this.

There has got to be a reason for this. This has not happened to everyone. Possibly clicking on a suspicious link?

Will it be fixed?

Thank you,

Raj May 16, 2009

The reason is simple….

The Orkut WebSite….has been cloned and users are asked to loginto this cloned site using the orkut password…which is either based on sex or some thing that the user wants…

after that a script hacks the password and changes the user account anaynomously.

Google is hardly to be blamed.