Group Chatting Made Easy with TinyChat!


TinyChat is a easy to use, disposable and more importantly free group chatting service that lets you easily initiate a group chat among your friends without having to download any toolbox, software or messenger. Also you need not have any login details of any service neither you need to create one to initiate a group chat. Just visit TinyChat, click on the “Create your chatroom” and within fraction of seconds you will be provided with a unique URL, upon visiting which, any user will be automatically be a member of the chat room and will be able to chat with the other active users of that group.

Creating TinyChat Chat Room

  1. Click the “Create your chatroom” option as on the image below
  2. You will be provided with a URL like this
  3. Your group is now created. Just share this unique URL with your friends and start chatting in a group. 🙂

As mentioned above, in just 3-4 simple and easy steps you can create your own chat room without having to worry about the privacy as your chats can be viewed only by the persons your are sharing the URL with. 🙂

You chatting can be done by visiting the URL generated above, and here is how your chat session would be like:

So what are you waiting for? Just start chatting with your friends without any login or without having to download any software/ messenger. 🙂

Link: TinyChat


Gautam March 2, 2009

Hey! Thanks! I needed something like this for one of my App!

Solid Blogger March 2, 2009

I guess Yahoo Messenger is providing the ability to create private chat room as well as MSN. Now a website is coming ahead to offer these kinda services. Great indeed.

richi March 2, 2009

wala cool nice thanks

Aditya March 16, 2009

Skype also providing confrence in their client. They have good quallity of voice chat aswel.

Gautam March 17, 2009

Yeah, but you cant install those messengers on the companies’ employees’ laptop(s) as those are blocked. And we can put something like this on the company website and people will be able to chat with each other! But the thing is that this site is giving links… something that could merge in the site would be useful. There is one more chat room (I forgot its name) but its not so good.. and clean.