Bunk-o-Meter saves you from Backlogs, lets you Track your College Attendance

Here’s a fun and practical Android app for all you college goers who want to keep track of your class attendance – that is, letting you safely bunk classes. It’s called Bunk-o-Meter.


Getting started is simple, you just have to enter your Semester’s subjects and the bunk limit for each of those. Next time you bunk a class, you can hit the + button and it’ll record it.

You can set the app to throw a notification every day, reminding you if you’ve bunked any classes.


The app is nicely done, with neat transitions from screen-to-screen. It also throws some funny comment once in a while, as you can see in the screenshot above. Adding to this, there’s a quick tutorial in the beggining.

In short, Bunk-o-Meter does one thing and does it right.

So if you’re a student and using an Android, go grab it for free.

Link: Bunk-o-Meter

Update: The app now has been open-sourced. You can get the code here.

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  1. My friends use Bunk Manager, yet another app similar to Bunk-o-Meter. Thanks for this amazing share, Vibin! I’m gonna try this for sure. This app looks nice, in terms of user interface. 🙂

    1. Ah, come on, Venkatesh. There will be something interesting out there for WP users too! Or wait for a few days, I’ll become a successful Engineer and code one for you. 😉

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