Buy Apple Macbook with 12% Discount [India Only]

A good news for students, faculty and staff members of educational institutes in India. You guys can buy Apple Macbook laptops for 12% discount till August 30, 2008.

I brought Apple Macbook Pro 4 months back and I am really happy with my decision. In facts its one of the best decision I took which boost my productivity many folds.

If you are a person who is thinking about switching to Mac, then this is best time as current Macbook comes with Leopard, which allows you to install Windows XP/VIsta in dual-boot environment.

Here are new prices for macbook series laptops…

Macbook discounted price for students in India.jpg

Unfortunately this discount offer is not available for Macbook AIr.

Here is the list of institutes. Check if your college/institute name is listed in it. You may find any college in your city and then a friend in that college to help you make this purchase with discount. 😉

To make a purchase, fill up this contact form and somebody from SystemMatrix will get back to you. Or you can also call 1800-425-4646 (MTNL/BSNL) or 080-2574-4646 (all phones) or SMS “SALES” to 54646.

Link: Mac for Students


Swaroop August 5, 2008

MacBook is rumored to get a hardware uplift in its models this month.. May be this move is to clear out the older stock ? Pretty much makes sense logically..

Rahul Bansal August 5, 2008

May be you are right. As same thing happened in past.

Xpress Music June 12, 2010

I am thinking of getting a macbook instead of a laptop. what do you suggest .