Buying a New Mobile? Check Out These Sites!

For how many times you want to buy a mobile (or for that matter any other gadget) but you are in a dilemma. Don’t worry since we live in WEB 2.0 era, so you can utilize the web by following these simple steps:

STEP 1- Check the prices of mobile through these sites considering your budget.

STEP 2- Read detailed specs of your shortlisted mobiles & distinguish them on this basis.

STEP 3- If you are still on crossroads, see expert reviews of the mobiles. *


[Editors Note: This post is by dreamz (aka  Nitansh), new author at Devils Workshop. Devils Workshop is opened for all bloggers again. If you want to join Devils Workshop as author register here]


Johnson July 2, 2008

cool list Nitansh really helpful will surely check it out 🙂

and a great first post… 😉

adi July 2, 2008

thanks alot for a great information 🙂

Gaurav July 2, 2008

Had been using Indiagsm for years now 😀

Devilsworkshop is open to all- Does that means Rahul would be absent from here?

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2008

@Johnson & Adi
Thanks for encouraging comment. 🙂
This post took least time to review as an editor for me. 😉

No Gaurav. I am not going anywhere. Just trying to make it big so calling for others to join.
Have a big blog network on mind. 😉

Gaurav July 4, 2008

Great rahul 😀 Means we are going to see something of the sort of lifehacker or labnol in making 😀

Rahul Bansal July 4, 2008

Ya I have more like lifehacker on my mind.
But I believe more into collaborating than hiring.
And labnol is not a blog network. I wonder why Amit Agarwal don’t go further!

Gaurav July 4, 2008

yea, but amit has done an incredible job at the blog, even if its himself only. And yes collaborating is better option than hiring. 🙂

Rahul Bansal July 4, 2008

Theres no doubt that Amit is biggest and best Indian blogger. 🙂
I just feel he should use his name and goodwill to transform Digital Inspiration into something like b5media.
He may hire or invite bloggers to write on topics like cricket, bollywood, etc.

Rohit January 22, 2011

link is really helpfull ….thank u so much!!!!!!!!!