BuzzGrowl – Lookup recent tweets and share from any page

Buzz_Growl_Chrome_extensionMany people surf the internet and follow a few blogs. Sometimes if you like a post or something you look up on the internet you tend to share it on Facebook or even tweet about it.

This has been made a lot easier by websites having Retweet and FB share buttons on each post. Sometimes you want to get a buzz about a particular article. Like checking up on who were the people to tweet about it and not just how many did.

I found BuzzGrowl a very handy extension with my Chrome browser.

Buzz Growl Chrome Extension Features


  • Install the extension in your Chrome browser and start looking up your favourite blogs.
  • When you are on a particular page at the right hand lower corner you will get a small pop-up which shows recent retweets on that domain. Note this is not for that particular page but for the entire domain.
  • You can retweet someone’s post from there itself or even share the link with your individual message.

Buzz Growl might not be a really useful with blogs that are getting thousands of tweets everyday. I think this might be a nice way to check the buzz about of a new blog or website. Do try out Buzz Growl and drop in your comments.

Link: Buzz Growl Chrome Extension