Cartoon characters as profile pictures go viral on Facebook

I miss those days of childhood, when I was a kid and used to enjoy watching cartoons all day long. I could be  a Mermaid one day, a Scientist named Dexter, a dog named Goofy or my all time favorite Uncle Scrooge! Childhood memories and the feeling that you get after remembering those days can never be replaced by a party, New year or Christmas.

You must be thinking what do I mean? Well, I got a Facebook mail from one of my friends saying “For a week, change your profile picture on Facebook to one of your favorite cartoon characters from your childhood. The aim of the game? To not see human heads on Facebook but a true invasion of childhood memories. :)” You must be seeing all kind of cartoon characters on Facebook profile picture. This is it. Why not use such time of the year and enjoy what you enjoyed the most some time ago.


Such things on Facebook surely keeps one self busy. These little things in Facebook can make your day. No matter if its Cartoon picture or a breast awareness thing going on, it does spread the message to most of the people around. Facebook is ahead in the market of social networking due to such things. It brings out emotions on a rather plain day!

So, replace your profile photographs with one of the Cartoon character you loved the most, when you were a kid. It’s quite a treat to see all those characters now, when you do not have time for any other thing than work. Enjoy this Black friday and Thanksgiving time.

I was always amazed with uncle Scrooge so I am going to put his picture as my profile photo. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Will you change your photo for a week or just ignore this? Share your views with me through the comments below.

[Update] The event has been extended to 6 December 2010, so that even more people are aware. This is to raise a voice against child abuse by NSPCC. Do you think by changing our profile pictures to a cartoon character will raise an awareness to stop child abuse?

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14 replies on “Cartoon characters as profile pictures go viral on Facebook”

    1. No it’s not HopoThree… it was just an effort to get people to show their loving support of NO CHILD ABUSE in any form or fashion. Now it seems some idiot is trying to spread the word it has to do with pedophiles. How ridiculous and evil. That said, it just goes to show there’s always one DEVIL trying to RUIN something good because they are evil.

      1. Yes Cassey it was a nice effort and I guess many people would have given it a thought. Although I think only giving it a thought changes nothing but atleast people are aware!

      2. I’m not trying to ruin anything at all; in fact, I tried to spread the word too! And I changed my profile. The thing is, I received, like five inbox messages saying that this was a pedo thing.

        If it isn’t, then I am sorry for wasting your time. If it is, then… just so you know.


        1. @Hopo I will look forward to it. Thanks to inform us too. Hope this is not a pedo thing and some steps are taken towards this awareness!

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