Get Notified When You Receive An Email [Firefox Addon – Web Mail Notifier]

web mail notifierAs a web developer I get a lot of emails which might be important. This happens often and it is a little tiresome to check my email, only to find nothing important. This is why like Web Mail Notifier on my Firefox browser.

It might common knowledge to developers but still many of us do not aware of this wonderful Addon. It stay in the status bar and checks your Inbox between specific interval specified by you and notifies you when an incoming mail reaches your Inbox.

Features of Web Mail Notifier

  • You can add multiple account to it.
  • You can set the time checking interval according to your need.
  • You can enable web mail let know details in window or sidebar that shows the details.

Below is a pop up web mail notifier options window, enabled when status bar icon is right clicked.

web mail notifier option window

Click Web Mail Notifier icon to check your mailbox.

web mail notifier icon

Just a note of caution that this add-on should not ideally be used on public computers. 🙂

Do you like this Addon? Let me know through your comments.

Link : Web Mail Notifier

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