Winners of contest for Handy Backup software license codes

Time to announce the winners of the Handy Backup Software license codes to the lucky five. 2 weeks ago we announced a contest for Handy Backup Software licenses giveaway. The idea was for contestants to comments on the post, retweet the post and also become fan of DW on Facebook. Here is the list of […]

Retweet and win free license for Handy Backup software: DW contest

We are announcing a giveaway prize with another contest for our Devil’s Workshop readers. This time we bring you Handy Backup Standard Edition software. 5 lucky winners will receive the key codes to Handy Backup Standard Edition which is worth $39.00.

Blogger$ of the month [December 09]

Okay first of all apologies to everyone for coming out with Blogger$ of the Month results so late. We at DW were a little tied up with our redesign project. Blogger$ of the Month in December 2009 was a little different than any we had before. First and foremost we have three winners and not […]

O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition Genuine License Key

The O&O defrag Defrag Professional is just replacement for default windows defragmenter. This O&O defrag offers some much advanced feature which are not available in default defragmenter. We can maximize our system performance by using O&O defrag  which is not carried out by your default defragmenter. This unlocks your computer’s hidden performance. By securely repacking your hard disk‘s fragmented […]

Retweet And Win Hostgator Webhosting: DW New Year Giveaway

First of all happy new years to Devilsworkshop readers and nothing could be better than starting new year with a perfect gift for Bloggers. This time our new year giveaway,  is intended for all the bloggers and people who wants to start blogging. Why this Giveaway : We were about to give this gift to […]

[Result] Blogger$ of the Month – November 2009

It is time to announce the results of “Blogger$ of the Month” contest for the month of November 2009.

There were a total of 45 posts written by our guest authors in the month of November. This time we had three winners as per the rules last month.

Sauravjit was ranked 1st with 46.90 points from a total of 17 posts winning $75.
Rishabh Agarwal was ranked 2nd with 40.40 points from 13 posts winning $50.
Rajeelkp was ranked 3rd with 18.90 points from 6 posts winning $25

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 Contest Winners

A couple of weeks ago Sriganesh had announced the contest for giving away 7 licence codes for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. In all there were 31 valid comments who stood a chance to win one of the 7 license codes. used for picking winners We used for picking our seven winners. We entered […]

Blogger$ of the Month-changes again..

Blogger$ of the Month contest is now adopting a new face for the month of December,2009.

Previously we had the format in which we have selected top 3 bloggers for their posts from all the blogs across rtBlogs Network. The total prize money was $150, which was distributed as $75, $50and $25 to the these bloggers as per the ranks in the ratings table.

Whats New ??

For this month onwards we will have individual rating tables for 3 of our blogs namely,