Blogger$ of the month [December 09]

Okay first of all apologies to everyone for coming out with Blogger$ of the Month results so late. We at DW were a little tied up with our redesign project.

Blogger$ of the Month in December 2009 was a little different than any we had before. First and foremost we have three winners and not ranked 1-2-3 but rather winners who ranked no 1 for three different blogs on our rtBlogs network.


Devils Workshop: Blogger of the month

As you can see in the table below, Richie S wrote 7 good posts for us and his contribution was quite significant considering his 7 posts were out of a total of 18 guest posts on DW. Congratulations to Richie S.

Name No. of Posts Points per post Total Points
richiesajan 7 3.40 23.80
pkarun 4 3.62 14.50
umeshmahato 2 3.50 7.00
gaurav 2 3.05 6.10
bobnewman 1 4.00 4.00
rishabhagarwal 2 1.85 3.70

Facebooknol: Blogger of the month

At our Facebook dedicated blog Facebooknol, Sauravjit seemed to win quite easily with a total of 17.70 points which was clearly miles ahead of anyone else. Congrats to Sauravjit on being Blogger of the month for Facebooknol.

Name No. of Posts Points per post Total Points
sauravjit 5 3.54 17.70
rajeelkp 3 3.20 9.60
pkarun 2 4.30 8.60
rishabhagarwal 1 3.90 3.90
xphunt3r 1 3.70 3.70

CricTalks: Blogger of the month

Not many posts here as you can see but RajeelKP’s efforts paid off as he did contribute to Facebooknol too and that has got him winning Blogger of the month for CricTalks.

Name No. of Posts Points per post Total Points
rajeelkp 1 2.70 2.70
sdsh 1 1.60 1.60

Blogger$ of the Month

Blogger$ of the month contest was quite sucessful for getting a lot of people contributing to Devils Workshop and a sincere thanks to everyone who has ever written on DW for truly helping us grow. For the moment we have closed Blogger$ of the month contest temporarily as were are looking at new strategies for our blog. One of them is to compeltely redesign and you will be happy to know we have already started the coding work on the new theme.

Once again Congratulations to Richie S, Sauravjit and RajeeKp on being winners for the month of December 2009.


vivek jain January 28, 2010

Congrats Richie S, Sauravjit and RajeelKp. Keep it up guyz.

sauravjit January 28, 2010

Thank you Vivek 🙂

Rajeel January 30, 2010

Thank you Vivek and rtblogs,
As now i am going to stop blogging temporarily for my studies, this is really a gift.

Once again myy hearty thanks 🙂