Now win $150 for “Blogger$ of the Month” Awards!!

I am pleased to announce that “Blogger of the Month” is now “Blogger$ of the Month” The cash prize would be now of $150!!! Why Blogger$ of the Month? Well we at Devils Workshop conceived the idea of ‘Blogger of the Month’ few months back to promote the guest authors. The primary goal was to encourage […]

[Result] Blogger of The Month – October 2009

This is a quick post to announce winner of Blogger of The Month contest for October 2009.
“Blogger of The Month” for October 2009
In October 2009, 54 posts were published by guest authors out of a total of 82 posts.
24 posts which are close to half of all the guest posts were written by guest author Sauravjit Singh.

Get some more invitations to try the new orkut

First of all congrats to all the Winners for New Orkut Invitations. But we have some more invites for you too as usual you have the easiest way of getting it.

How to register for new invites?

Copy the text and links given below:
Get some more invitations to try the new orkut

Winners for New Orkut Invitations

This is an update to our post announcing new Orkut invitation giveaway! First, I must say response for new Orkut invitation is much more than we have expected earlier. I had to practically turn off email notifications for my Orkut account since every few minute I was receiving email notification for either a new friend […]

Contest Winner Results for Rapidshare Premium Account

The contest winner of Rapidshare Premium Account was supposed to be announced on 11th Oct 2009 but because of some issues cropping up in creating the accounts, rtBlogs could not announce the winner earlier. I apologize to all readers and participants especially who might have felt shortchanged as the winner is being announced almost 16 days […]

“Blogger Of The Month” for September 2009

Important: This is our request to all guest bloggers to read this post carefully! “Blogger Of The Month” for September 2009 This post is to announce “Blogger Of The Month” for September 2009. In September 2009, 82 posts were published by guest authors. Out of 82, more than half, i.e. 48 posts were made by […]

Get a Chance To Win Rapidshare Premium Account : Giveaway

We are very happy to announce exclusive contest on Devils Workshop where the readers will get a chance to win a Rapidshare Premium Account valid for 2 months. How to enter the contest Follow the two steps below to participate in this contest Tweet about this contest on Twitter. Just “tweet” the following from your […]

[Result] Blogger of The Month – August 2009

This is last week of September and we are late like never before to announce “Blogger of The Month” for last month i.e. August 2008. Below is table representing breakdown of 41 posts published in August 2009. Sauravjit emerges as clear winner for “Blogger of The Month” – August 2009. Author No. of Posts Total […]

Winners of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 Six Months License

Gaganpreet had announced a contest few days ago through DevilsWorkshop where 3 lucky winners were to be selected and given free license for 6 months of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010. As Gaganpreet was busy he had asked me to announce the winners and give out the codes through e-mail. The contest is over now and the […]