Search and View Google Images in a Slideshow

If you like looking up images online then Flickr is a good website along with deviant art or even which is very useful for image bookmarking.

But another very common and a useful tool to search and lookup images online is using Google’s image search. Google does have a neat way of displaying searched results for images. Another cool service I came across is Google Image Slideshow which shows all the image results in a slideshow.


Google Image Slideshow Features

  • The website picks up 60 images from Google’s image search and displays them in a slideshow.
  • The default search is the simple one bit advance options are also allowed to display only larger images, show images with a particular color being dominant and also a particular file type.
  • We can also restrict the search to a particular website so you can search on Flickr for images and get them displayed in a slideshow.

If you are looking for images and have some time to kill, then looking up Google Image Slideshow is a lot of fun. Go give it a try and let me know your views in your comments.

Link: Google Image Slideshow