Check Google Adsense Premium Ad Unit In Action!

In my last visit to one of my favorite blog, Digital Inspiration, I came across an unusual Google Adsense Ad. At first I though it might be some mistake, but I checked many pages and found same ad format all over the pages.

Curiously I went to, Google Adsense Ad format page to check if any new format has arrived but I failed to find anything near to following ad running on Digital Inspiration.

Google Adsense Premium Ad Format

Its dimension is around 480×128. Curious enough, I opened a new topic on DI forum. And as I suspected, Amit answered saying, "its a premium ad format". Yes Google Adsense do have premium membership limited to few websites which receive more than 5 million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month.

Coincidentally, I read about Adsense premium publishers on Digital Inspiration only. Here is list of some perks which premium members get. More details are here.

  • Size, color, fonts of Ad-unit are all configurable. This means you can create ad which suits best for your site.
  • Option to remove "Ads by Google" text shown around ads.
  • Creating direct links to Adsense for search results. Sort of having text-links!
  • Dedicated Adsense account manager to help you optimize and answer your all Adsense query. Of course his salary will be paid by Google. 😉
  • They can negotiate revenue share/percentage with Google.
  • Ads are allowed on adult-content, gambling related sites. Hmm so Google do evil when it comes to big bucks! 😉

Only thing still surprising me is, why Amit did not post about his new success on DI. May be he don’t want to get undue attention, specially from income-tax guys! 😉


Gaurav May 14, 2008

Ummm… nice find Rahul… Google is evil… lets see when a ‘D’ adds to it 😛

Pavan Kumar May 15, 2008

Its a strange news! option to remove “Ads by Google” sounds great….

Rahul Bansal May 15, 2008

Ya, it was shocking for myself also. I never imagined Google can do such evil things!

I agree, its great in the sense that you will get much more clicks but thats what makes Google evil. On one hand they preach “do no evil” and then themselves break rules to make more money…
From user point of view, removing text “ad by google” will be misleading and confusing.

Gaurav May 15, 2008

Thats is basically google wanting… more readers for premium to be implemented. and no Ads by Google tags means even more clicks… Now thats the reason Google is the king

Rahul Bansal May 17, 2008

Ya, Google is King on Internet without any doubt 🙂

Raju November 9, 2008

@Rahul Bansal
I am truly shocked to know this. You hit the nail on its head 😐

Amal Roy August 1, 2009

There is no way that income tax department wont know about his site. I have heard that he his completely making legal white money.

Rahul August 3, 2009

Once i was about to click that ads on…. I thought it was content. If guy like me, who has indepth information of adverts.

newbie and first timer will definately clicks on those ads.

Deepak Jain August 9, 2009

Yes, such premium adsense ad formats are really confusing and one can easily be duped! 😉

Deepak Jain August 9, 2009

@Amal Roy:
Yes, whatever money Amit Agrawal and other pro bloggers make is completely legal! 🙂

Darnals March 27, 2010

wow its amazing, i think just get the new size, its can remove the adsense text

Thanks the informations brother

vincentt January 28, 2011

whew.. 20M/month traffic.. my goodness.. nice info by the way.