Open multiple search queries in one go

If you are a blogger one of your biggest resource is a search engine. Looking around for new tricks to webs services or even something as simple as how posts within your blog can be looked with different search engines. We all use search engines and at times carry out multiple searches. It is a little difficult sometimes to keep track of the multiple searches or the queries you entered while carrying out a comprehensive search about a certain subject. I used Search Opener and found it a boon while carrying out multiple searches across different search engines.


Search Opener allows you to carry out different search queries across different search engines. It gave me two different types of options.

  • It allows me to enter 3-4 different search queries and open them in different tabs within the browser.
  • These tabs are opened within the same browser you are viewing the website.
  • It also allows you to use multiple search engines. It supports Yahoo, Bing, Ask and ofcourse Google.
  • In the above image you can see I typed in all the search queries and selected Google.
  • This means if I search for Devils Workshop and Facebooknol with Google and Bing being selected, I can at once open 4 tabs within the browser for both search queries with both engines.

This will be quite useful for people doing research and really looking to get deep into search results. I reviewed a similar sort of service called SearchZooka which allowed multiple searches. I admit that search opener has fewer options but it’s minimalistic look does make it a lot less confusing.

Let me know what you like about Search Opener through your comments.