Synchronize You Tube videos on different computers

Watching YouTube videos has been a great way for friend to wind down. At work there are also great tutorials and demos for almost everything on You Tube. For instance at rtCamp our new developers often end up spending their first couple of days watching video demos for getting started. It is a great way to learn but sometimes it has its disadvantages.

Having one screen play the video while 4-5 people try and squeeze into nooks and corners to get a better view. A way around this is usually to share the link with everyone and let them see the video in their own time. Sometimes that is not useful or wastes time as you cannot discuss the video immediately or at the same time.


  • With Synch tube you can now have many computers view You Tube videos in a synchronised way.
  • Users can now create a room to synchronize the You tube video or can choose to enter a public room.
  • Once you create a room you are allowed to make it public or keep it private. You can share the link to this room with your friends and everyone can then watch the You Tube Videos in a synchronized way.
  • It also supports a chat client and you can chat with people you are viewing the synced video with.


So next time you think of sharing a video on youtube you can use SynchTube to watch the video in a synchronized way. Do try it out and drop in your comments to let me know what you think about it.


Tech Maish January 16, 2010

This is nice tip.I love youttube and this tip can help me allot.

mansingh January 17, 2010

how can I download any video from you tube , if & is blocked by my institute ?