Chrome updates with Richer Notifications and replaces WebKit with Blink

Chrome updates on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS with richer notifications and also replaces WebKit engine with forked version called Blink. Also check how to configure notifications on your browser.

Chrome has released an update for Linux and Windows users. The update version, will include two major changes. First is the planned move away from WebKit onto Blink. Blink is a forked version WebKit that is being implemented by Google. The second update is richer notifications on Chrome. Notifications were first implemented on Gmail, where users could get a pop-up displaying who has sent a new email to them.

Chrome Notifications
Desktop Notifications on Chrome

The new update will show richer notifications which are more interactive and descriptive as seen in the image below.


Configure Notifications on Chrome

  • The browser should update automatically on your Windows or Linux platform. The update is also available on
  • The Richer notifications on Chrome will include many services and will show up with an icon on the system tray. if you have disabled notifications on Chrome, you can switch them on by entering Chrome://Settings in the address bar and then under “Privacy” click on “Content Settings”. In “Content Settings” users can look up “Notifications” options and also edit exceptions which are created by Google Apps.
  • When a notifications pops up, we can review the settings.

Chrome Notifications Settings

At the moment, I do not expect a lot of apps to have implemented “Richer Notifications” on Chrome, but developers will surely roll more out in time. This at the moment works on Chrome OS, Linux and Windows. The update for Mac will be released later.

Google Now on Chrome

This roll out of ‘Richer Notifications’ in Chrome, indicates the eventual plan to bring about Google Now on Chrome. Google Now currently on Android uses data like browsing history, maps, calendar details and email to push notifications on the phone called Google Now. The notifications are usually very intelligent, for example it calculates the amount of traffic on the road and tells you to leave for a meeting early based on that data.

The real big integration will be to have integration of Chrome and Android notifications at some point of time.

Do update your Chrome browser and let us know what you think about “Richer Notifications”.

(via Chrome Blog)


Alok Krishali July 13, 2013

Chrome is one of the best browser..that provide fast speed that no other browser provide..Its great..of course it is from Google…

Ankit Bansal July 16, 2013

Hi. Great article.
No doubt Chrome offers great options with many useful apps and stuff , but its crashing problem still remains. Browsers crashes itself due to some bug . I have tried re installing it.
Right now i am using Maxthon , which is the best for me as it has scree capturing tool, area snapping tool , downloading youtube videos and other options inbuilt. Its pretty cool.