Google Maps v7.0.0 with new UI revealed for Android

Google Maps v7.0.0 for Android is now available that brings improved navigation, dynamic re-routing and incident reports. Comes with a new User Interface.

After launching the revamped web version of Google Maps at the I/O 2013 event, Google has ported the same to Android now. The new Google Maps v7.0.0 available for Android 4.0.3+ devices. The update will be available on the Google Play store.

This new version of Google Maps brings a completely new interface. This new version also comes with updated navigational features like live traffic updates, dynamic re-routing and incident updates. These ensure to make your navigation quick and easy.


Google has taken steps to make this new version more useful with a Foursquare-like Explore feature. The Explore section of this updated app shows some interesting places nearby to dine, drink, sleep or play. It seems like Google brought the Google Now cards-like interface to Google Maps. The sections in Explore and Navigation will show information to you in the form of Cards.


Google Maps v7.0.0 also rates place with 5 star rating system. This helps you find useful places. Offers from the multinational brands like Toys “R” Us and Michael’s are shown right inside this app. Zagat also works in partnership with Google to rate good restaurants.

New Google Maps for Other Devices

This new, improved Google Maps v7.0.0 will be available for tablets too. It’ll come with a dedicated tablet UI. iPhone and iPad versions of Google Maps will be available soon.

Some things that will be no longer available

Google Maps v7.0.0 also retires the old Latitude and the check-ins features. They’ll not be available from August 9th. Instead check-ins and location sharing is ported to Google+ app.

Also, you won’t be able to download maps for future use. The download option is removed. If you want to cache an area for future reference, you’ll have to type OK Maps in the search box and that area will be downloaded for offline use.

Download Google Maps v7.0.0 now

Google Maps v7.0.0 is already out on Google Play and will be available for all the devices soon. In case you’re enthusiastic about trying this app soon, you can get the updated APK file below. Note that this APK works only for those devices running Android 4.2 and more.

Links: Download Google Maps v7.0.0 APK | Google Maps Android