Instagram Adds Option to Embed Photos and Videos on Desktop

Instagram finally brings an option to embed Instagram photos and videos. You'll be able to embed photos and videos that are public and not the private ones.

Good news, Instagram users. Instagram now allows users to embed photos and videos anywhere. The embed code is available for every public Instagram photo or video.

It was just a month back when Instagram announced Instagram videos. And now, here is an option to embed photos and videos just like Twitter’s Vine.

The embed code is available only on the Desktop version. When you see any photo or video, you’ll be shown a new share button next to the comments section. Clicking on that button will show the embed code. Copy that code and you can paste it on your blogs, forums and any other place!


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to embed these photos or videos on Twitter. Months back Instagram removed support for Twitter Cards and it’ll be so forever considering the fact that Twitter and Facebook are rivals.

Also, it’s best to note that you won’t be able to embed private photos.

Embedded photos and videos show the username at the top left and Instagram logo at the top right. Clicking on the name takes to the user’s Instagram page while clickfing on the logo takes to the photo or video’s page.

The number of Likes and Comments are also shown.

One Comment

Andy Heaps July 16, 2013

Finally, eh? You would think that a dedicated service like that would have that function available right from the start!