– Easy Sharing and Integration with all Apps One click to your Favorite app makes it easy to share tidbits of text or even images using your favorite app/service. While surfing the web, I come across lots of interesting stuff and if I want to share it, I need to login to the specific service and do it, be it Facebook, Twitter or even Gmail.

With you can share things in very less time using the same service you were using before, this will save you a lot of clicks. integrates with almost any app, including some favorite services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Features of

  • Share text/image by just selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C. services
  • integrates with almost any app, if you can’t find your favorite app in the list.
  • Apart from sharing it can also perform web actions, for example if you click on the Google icon after selecting the text, it will display the search results for the selected text.
  • You can also create customized web actions using the user manual.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Pretty innovative idea, must have for people who use multiple browsers as you don’t need to install sharing plugins (Shareaholic etc) on each browser.

Cons: It needs to be polished in a few aspects like if you’re sharing text using Twitter option of, you can’t edit the tweet, that’s annoying. It is a bit resource hungry too! Demo currently supports only Windows. Try out and drop your opinions.