Clueful : Your Android Apps Privacy Analyser

Clueful for Android is an app from Bitdefender that scans your Android apps with Bitdefender's cloud database and gives you a privacy score for your Android

Most of the smartphone apps these days ask for special permissions like accessing your contacts, sending texts on their own, using your Gallery photos and more. To be on the safe side, we must be aware of the things that these apps ask and should take steps to be safe. If any app is found to be leaking out your contact numbers to third parties or sending your private data to others, that app should be removed immediately.

To take of care of your privacy, here comes Clueful. If you are an Apple fanboy or a previous iOS user, you might recognize this app. It is an app brought by Bitdefender. Available earlier to the iOS users, Clueful is new to Android. The app is easy to use and gives you a detailed analysis on the list of apps installed in your Android.

How Clueful Works

  1. On opening Clueful, the app scans all the apps installed on your Android and compares with it’s Cloud database from Bitdefender. Note that the app requires Internet connectivity to work.
  2. Once done, it classifies them as low, moderate and high risk apps.
  3. It also gives you a Privacy Score. The larger the score, the safer you are.

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Features of Clueful

  1. Once the apps have been classified, you can get a depth analysis of the apps’ privacy by clicking on that particular app.
  2. It also lets you to uninstall apps right within the app.
  3. You can filter apps and then check which particular apps use your location, which particular apps are viruses and more.
  4. It works as an anti-virus, anti-theft, web control and SMS control tool.
  5. It scans each app that you download from Google Play immediately and lists it as a low, moderate or high risk app.

It is a must have app for every Android user who give privacy the first priority. Privacy matters.

Link : Clueful on Google Play

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Tulai Paul September 14, 2013

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