MyAppSharer : Share your Android apps with your friends

MyAppSharer is an easy-to-use Android app that helps you to easily share your Android apps with your friends. You can share either the market link or APK.

MyAppSharer is an Android app that helps you to easily share your Android apps with your friends. You can choose to share the apps’ market (Google Play) links or directly send the app package (APK file).

It is a free app and supports every Android device running Android 1.6 and above. The app is easy to use and makes Android apps sharing a lot easy. Also the best thing is that, your friend doesn’t need to have MyAppSharer installed on his device.

The user interface requires no description. It is an user friendly app and one can start playing with the app within seconds of installation.


On launching the app, all the Android apps installed on your Android device populate. You can choose the list of apps that you want to share. You can also select/deselect all the apps.

You can share by two ways :

  1. As a market link : You can share the market link of the app and your friend will have to download the app package himself/herself. You can share the market link by various means : text messaging, QR codes, bluetooth, bluetooth (zip) add to Dropbox, Facebook and a lot more.
  2. Share the APK file : The second option is sharing the entire app package. Like the first option you can share the entire APK by bluetooth, bluetooth (zip) or by internet via mail, Dropbox, Skype and many more.

Important things to note

  1. To share the QR code for a particular app, you should have Barcode Scanner installed on your Android.
  2. To add the market link or APK fle to Dropbox, you should have the Dropbox app installed on your Android.
  3. It has been reported by many users that they are not able to receive the apps’ APK/market link by bluetooth on their Nexus device. MyAppSharer developer recommends you to share by bluetooth (zip) if you are sharing the file to a Nexus user.

Doesn’t this app look brilliant? Do give it a go and share your thoughts on it with us.

Link: MyAppSharer on Google Play


Madan September 16, 2013

Hi Arun,
Does this mean. I buy an App and share it with my friends and they do not need to pay for it ?

Arun Sathiya September 17, 2013


I think that’s possible. But I suggest you not to support this evil act. Moreover, there are certain premium apps that can be used only in one particular device. For such apps, your friend will have to purchase the app himself.