Compare Bing VS Google Search Results: BingItOn

Microsoft has a neat little web tool, that allow users to compare the results between its own Bing search engine and Google. The site is aptly named

In other words, its a challenge by Bing to Google. It is suggesting that people are using Google not because it has superior results but because it more popular.

The point of the website is let users carry out 5 search queries and get results from Bing and Google side by side.

BingItOn: Compare Bing vs Google

Users then select which results page is better among the two. The trick behind it is users are selecting their their preferred search results without the knowledge of it being from Bing or Google.

I have always wondered if we are using Google over Bing just out of habit, but Google atleast to me, seems to give more relevant and current results compared to Bing.

I took the BingItOn face-off and found that Google ended up winning 4 results to 1 for me. But the site does claim that twice the number of users preferred Bing over Google.

I used simple terms like my own name, information on local restaurants, favorite movies, books and musicians.

Is Bing really better than Google?

In my opinion, I have found Google being very useful especially for local queries and also for looking up news. Google might be better with local results in India compared to Bing as compared to the United States or Europe.

Added advantage to Google is that a lot of people who are using it for search are already logged into the Gmail account. This allows Google to tailor results based on search history of that person.

Give BingItOn a try and leave the results in your comments. Also let us know if this will encourage you to use Bing instead of Google?

Link: BingItOn


Sreejesh September 8, 2012

Bro check it out. just redirects to

Aditya Kane September 8, 2012

@Sreejesh: You are correct. The site sadly now redirects only to Quite a silly move by Bing.

Vijay November 28, 2013

Bing seems to offer better results. Google has become too commercial, and quality organic search results appear to be getting demoted in favor of paid results. Now a days, we need to drill down 2-3 pages in Google to find a relevant result. Bing results are more consistent.

Khairul December 1, 2013

There are minute differences in the appearances of Google and Bing which bingiton doesn’t neutralise. Thus, it’s quite easy to notice which one is which. The biggest giveaway is the appearance of video suggestions.