Compare Prices on Your Android Phone with MySmartPrice App

Android app by MySmartPrice which allows users to compare prices on mobile phones, laptops and elecronic goods from several Indian e-commerce websites.

Imagine you are a store that sells mobile phones or laptops. Usually I have used MySmartPrice’s website to compare prices offered by online retailers. It sometimes can help you get a discount from a physical store. More importantly you know if you are not getting ripped off. MySmartPrice has rolled out a Android app which also allows price┬ácomparison.The listed items are several and the prices are mined from several Indian e-commerce websites.

MySmartPrice’s Android App to Compare Prices

  • I found the app very simple. The focus mainly geared towards mobile phones, electronics goods and computers.
  • Browse through the categories and look up the name of the company under which various items are sub-categorized. It shows the list of those items available with their prices.
  • Tap on one of them and we get the cheapest price of that particular selection. We can swipe and look up specifications and also a complete list of prices from various online retail portals in India.
  • I was a little disappointed to not find a “books” category to look up the prices. I guess for books available on Indian sites, you might like to check out Low Price app.
Check out MySmartPrice’s Android app and do drop in your comments.
Link: MySmartPrice Android App