Dropbox Links: Share Files and Folders with Non-Dropbox users

Dropbox has a great way for sharing files using links.With Dropbox Links it allows users to share files and folders of any size with practically anyone. The ones accessing the shared files will not even need a Dropbox account. Earlier this could be done, only if with files shared on a public folder.

Dropbox has removed the restrictions of size and type of files which can be shared publicly. So basically the file size depends on the storage limit of your account.

Dropbox Links Features

Log into your account and click on the “Link” icon next to any folder or file. You can share it with a simple URL.

If you are using Dropbox from your PC, right-click on the folder and under Dropbox, select “Share Link”.That will direct you to the Dropbox web portal.

Any user with access to the shared link will be able to view the folder and files. They will not be required to have their own Dropbox account.

At the “Dropbox Links” dashboard, users can access the files shared previously and also remove them (see below).

With Dropbox’s new photo-viewing UI, I find it the best way to share photos with people who don’t have an account. There is no doubt that Dropbox is taking aim at Google Drive. Google had rolled out options of adding large attachments over upto 10 GB from Google Drive into Gmail.

I have been using Dropbox for almost three years now. While I also use Google Drive mainly for work, I still do most of my personal file storing and sharing on Dropbox.

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Link: Dropbox Links