Google’s G-Drive Initiative to Act as a Substitute to your Hard Disk!

gdrive There were a lot of rumors and hype about the launch of an online storage service by Google called G-Drive.  And according to some popular tech blogs, this service may soon go live.

The most advantageous thing about Google’s G-drive initiative would be, it can store all the data of your PC on the internet. And not only that, if instructed it will keep syncing all the data of the web and your PC on a periodical basis. Another advantage of such a service would be, a user having multiple computer systems can have all their datas on all computers as G-drive will reportedly support automatic synchronization of files between the Google server and all the computer system having G-drive installed in it!

Personally speaking, I am desperately waiting for such a wonderful service by Google that would replace world wide web as my data storage device. πŸ™‚ Hope the rumor about launch of G-drive comes true as soon as possible.

[Image & Info credits: TechTree]


Gautam January 29, 2009

That’s Amazing! πŸ˜€

Google wants to store people’s private data on their own HDD πŸ˜›
I don’t know why. There already records of millions of people with Google. Now they are also trying to access HDD πŸ˜›

Deepak Jain January 31, 2009

@ Gautam
Google rules the internet buddy πŸ™‚