Congress website hacked, Official content replaced by pornographic message

The official website of Congress party or better we can say the ruling government party of India got hacked. On Friday morning attackers hacked the website and replaced the profile page with a pornographic message. The reason why attackers hacked the website on Friday is due to a large number of expected visitors as it was the birthday of Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi.

“I have been informed that the website has been hacked, and the site had been swiftly closed down once the intrusion was detected.” said the spokesperson of the party. There was some Pakistan based E-Mail ID too included in the message but government is unable to find the hackers using that E-Mail.

Well this is not the first time when a Pakistan based group hacked an Indian website, there are many such cases in the past few years and cyber crime department did nothing except the same message by communication minister Kapil Sibal that such content on popular websites like Facebook, Google and Yahoo is ‘unacceptable’.

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