Twitter Unveils New Design for Website, Apps and TweetDeck

Twitter has made changes to it online website from time to time but nothing very radical. It has introduced over time a lot of options like inserting images and videos which makes it a lot like other social networks.

Twitter is still is a great place to follow current events and look up online trends. The dramatic redesign change announced by Twitter, might just change all that.

Firstly, the profile information will he shifted to the left-hand column and the news feed will show up on the right-hand column. This is similar to how other social networks like Facebook and Google+ show feeds. People read from left to right and this change might shift the attention to profile information more than the timeline.


Twitter’s new design will put more emphasis on being discovering content, retweets and interactivity. Currently Twitter timelines are pretty much like a river of information but does not have a lot of scope for interaction. Social interaction usually happens on Facebook. With the new design Twitter might be able to change some of that.

Twitter has also gone ahead and re-designed all its apps to bring in uniformity to the experience of using and accessing it on any platform.

TweetDeck Gets HTML5 Boost!

I did not have a lot of hope for TweetDeck’s survival, after it was acquired by Twitter. But today TweetDeck too, has a new design with generous use of HTML5.

Major changes include the URL shortener and photo sharing options are the same as that of Twitter instead of 3rd party services used previously.


Is Twitter’s Design Change a Good Idea?

Twitter’s new design focus will probably be a good change in the long run. My account does not have the new design available, so I will not be able to comment on if it will change the way I use Twitter.

More interaction is fine but Twitter is not exactly the place used by friends to connect with each other. It is a network where strangers end up being friends because of common interests. Hopefully the new Twitter will not upset that balance.

Do you have the new design enabled on your account? Do let us know and drop in your views.