How 10 Billion Android Apps Got Downloaded! [Infographic]

Android_logoThe debate on comparing iOS and Android might go on for a long time, with no real winner. But Android is truly a very one of the most popular platform for mobile phones and tablets. It is open-sourced and many developers keep creating new apps for them.

Android has reached 10 Billion downloads of their apps a few days ago. What is more amazing is that in March 2011 it that number was 3 billion app downloads.

That means Android apps were downloaded a cool 7 billion times in the past 8 months. That is phenomenal growth and here is a infographic by Android showing how it reached the 10 billion mark.

Basic RGB

Do you own an Android phone? How many Apps have you downloaded and which one are your favorites? Do drop in your comments.

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Sagar December 10, 2011

23 apps on my phone 🙂 , how many apps have you installed ?

Aditya Kane December 11, 2011

@Sagar: None as yet. I might in 2012 when I get a Android for myself. 🙂

Ranjit December 12, 2011

Surprising…. India doesnt come in the top 10 app crazed countries…
I download nd try almost all the free apps…..

Aditya Kane December 13, 2011

@Ranjit: That number is based on per capita. So maybe that is why India does not figure in the list.