Get Photoshop To Do What Fairness Creams Failed To Do!

In my previous Photoshop articles I made a tutorial on How to Remove Certain Part of an image and How to Look Younger using Soften Skin Effect, It was liked by many of our readers and through a feedback I was asked to create a tutorial on how to create a fair skin effect. Read the simple tutorial for fair skin effect in few easy steps.

Step : 1 – Take the image duplicate it(Cntrl J)and move it to the right for comparison.

duplicate image

Step : 2 – Select Quick selection tool and make sure Add to Selection in option bar is selected. Select the area you want to make it fair.

selection tool

Step : 3 –After you made a selection Go to Image menu > Adjustment > Brightness/Contrast.


Step : 4 – The following  pop up appears adjust brightness and contrast as per your requirement.

brightness adjustment

And you are done with it, look at the image below.

Glow skin effect

Did you like this tutorial? If you have any questions feel free to ask them through your valuable comments.

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