Facebook breaks it’s Photo Upload record

The weekend having New year’s eve and the parties led to a record of 750M photos being uploaded on Facebook.

A tweet by Facebook mentioned about this record being made. Generally Facebook has 100 million photo uploads everyday. That day people celebrated new year with Facebook by uploading so many photos.

I have seen many people click photographs especially to be uploaded on Facebook. They click simple pictures, add texts or something to it and publish it on their walls. Liking pictures or commenting on them has become one of the favorite past times of people. 🙂

Well, all I can say is at times people do take it to another level. Zuck gave us Facebook and we have made this part of our lives. Recently, when there was a rumor spread that Facebook will shut down, i know many of my friends actually commented on the links and asked Mark Zuckerberg not to do that. We have become dependent of it. Havn’t we? Share your views with me through comments below.

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