Copy paste ready-made html tags

If you are using HTML to design your website then this website would be quite useful. It basically makes a lot of HTML Tag code available with Latin based Loren Ipsum text as default.


  • This is for basic HTML tags that you might need while designing. Instead of typing it over and over you can use the website as a way to copy the code into your HTML editor.
  • It supports basics like Long Paragraph, Unordered list: Short and Long Items, Kitchen Sink, Example Form, unordered list Navigation and much more.
  • With just a click on the Title of the Tags, the code with default text is copied to clipboard.

It was created by the legendary Chris Coyier.  I find it quite useful personally even though I am not a developer, as it does save a lot of time to add these ready made html codes into my posts. It is very useful to visualize how my post will look even before I start with the content. 😉

Send in your comments and let me know your thoughts on HTML Ipsum.