A superb online tool for making ‘Things To do’ lists

I use Tasks on Gmail for reminding myself what to do on a particular day. But here I came across a website where I could do the same. Only I think this website was much better and simpler to use.


About Teux Deux

  • Visit the Teux Deux page and sign up for free.
  • Once you log in, the page that loads is the ‘to do’ list page.
  • Just start typing in the contents of the list for everyday. If you are done with something click on the content of the list and it scratches out the particular entry. 😉
  • This can also be used as a calendar scheduler but has no option for scheduling something for a particular time.

Importance of To Do list.

Lets be honest now that its a fact that everyone who has a ‘To Do’ list ends up being a lot more organised and efficient. The one thing that To do list does is keeps you focused on the work at hand.

It can also end up making you work smarter by tackling boring tasks first and then do what you really enjoy. For instance writing posts is a lot more fun for me than replying to emails but they both need to be done and if I ignore replying to email even for one day the next day I might have to reply to even more mail.

I am sure there are many similar services like Teux Deux but I find this one the best and most functional as yet that I have come across.


Ruchi December 23, 2009

I am also using Gmail task list, I just gave this a try and it looks quite simple. Thanks for sharing it.

Harsh Agrawal December 23, 2009

Websites seems to be useful but again I will prefer Gmail task since I use Gmail on daily basis ..